= GNU + Cyngus + Windows = GNU + Cyngus + WindowsIf you are up to some programming and/or OS exploration this season, make sure you take a look at this site, home for Cygwin, a set of tools which allow Windows to resemble the Unix interface and general performance; reading a bit into the release notes and general specs will let you understand that it works as an emulator, which in turn means that it’s not designed to run windows apps as if it were in unix, nor viceversa unless you rewrite the app from source; the aim of the project, it seems, is to allow people working with windows to have access to open-source projects like BASH or tcsh sells from the same hardware. By visiting this site, users will be able to download Cygwin and read technical aspects of each of the available versions; this set of tools performs adequately on most recent Windows editions, including Vista.

Needless to say, you need a medium-to-advanced background on programming and alternative OS’s to get the point of the whole thing, so if you’re bored and don’t know what to do, you’re probably best advised to go on reading the articles on this site or take a stroll in the park and stop trying to do strange things on your computer. = GNU + Cyngus + Windows