– Internet Filter

CyberSitter.comCYBERsitter is an Internet filter, with this software you will be able to guard what your children watch over the net. This software was specially designed to restrict access to millions of non secure Internet websites.

What is more, you can also download SnoopStick which is a product that allows you to monitor your kids Internet activities remotely. This feature will monitor web site visits, chat sessions, IM’s, e-mail, and displays screen captures among others. This features are not only useful to monitor your kids but it is also useful for companies that want to check out what their employees are watching over the net. The Internet has many sites that are not good for kids to watch so having a resource that allows you to monitor the content they visit is great. On the other hand, businesses can control their employees and take the right measurements if they find something that shouldn’t be found. So if you are interested in this service then all you have to do is to check out this site.