KillerStartups – The Home For Online Grantmaking is the web site of CyberGrants, the company that provides grants management software products for all family, private, community and corporate foundations.

CyberGrants is the leading online solution for grantmakers, and has been utilizing the same established product for more than 6 years. Although other companies offer similar products, there is no other product that provides the most intelligent processing in cost-effective rollout rather than CyberGrants´ product. Want to see which are the benefits of using CyberGrants products? Then, you should go to the CyberGrants advantage section and find out all about the service offered. If interested in getting further information on the company, you should search the categories provided and get the available information regarding the products strategy, the standard services, clients profiles and so much more. Interested in getting a price quote? Then, go to the pricing information section, fill the form and answer the questions and within one or two days you will receive a price quote; it is as simple as that.

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