KillerStartups – Concordia University Online

CSP.eduAre you in the process of pondering on your existing educational options? If that is indeed the case, a visit to the Concordia University official site might just provide you some food for thought. The site includes concise information geared at prospective students such as featured degrees and programs along with the existing enrolment requirements.

Moreover, information on available scholarships and financial aid is provided. What’s more, there is information on undergraduate accelerated degrees. The site also describes campus life so that you will have a clear representation of what it’s like at the University. For its part, already existing students can access the various departments that make up the University online as well as having access to information such as class schedules. A calendar is also featured, and information such as the starting dates of courses is provided therein. Lastly, a section entitled “Athletics” deals with the sports teams of the University, and information on the Golden Bears is prominently featured.

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