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Creditvalet.comCredit Valet is a search portal that puts together all the information on multiple credit lines: Credit and debit cards, Mortgage, Auto financing and other miscellanea credit options. In it, users will be able to explore their options based on credit history and specific needs, while taking a look at what the advantages and drawbacks of each option are.

The information available from this site is clearly set out and very adequately organized by popularity, credit history and issuing institutions. The service is free to use, and no registration is required, however it is highly recommended, as registered users receive updated information and offers on their mailbox regularly. Credit Valet is a privately owned and funded company, and is in no way related to the companies and institutions it features, however there is no information on why the featured credit cards are American Express and Discover, and there is no mention whatsoever to Visa and MasterCard.