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Craigslittlebuddy.comThe original point of Craigslist was to help people find, trade, and buy things from other people in their local area. Craigslist is a gold mine of information but anyone who uses it regularly will tell you that it is difficult to find deals on multiple cities without actually manually searching from one to city to the next.


This is where Craigslittlebuddy steps in, by aggregating numerous Craigslist sites and allowing you to search them all at the same time instead of one-by-one. Keep in mind that the site is intended for products and therefore Craigslittlebuddy won’t be able to help you find that next dream job. If you are looking to buy something however, either enter a key word or a category and then search multiple locations at once. The site is defaulted to select 21 cities but you can change the number and which ones with an easy drop down menu. In Their Own Words

“The whole point of this site is to help people search multiple craigslist locations at the same time. I frequent a bunch of guitar & bass-centric message boards and noticed that tons of people search “foreign” craigslist locations to find good deals on used guitars and basses. Location doesn’t matter — a deal’s a deal. The thing is, with craigslist, you’re using a location-based service. It’s not really geared to help you find an Ernie Ball Stingray in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York at the same time. You’d have to search all the locations individually…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are other sites providing similar functionality but Craigslittlebuddy beats them with the ease of selecting multiple cities, the speed of its engine, the cutesy design, and the memorable URL. All of the above make this a site that should grow quickly in reach.

Some Questions About

Will they be adding the rest of the Craigslist sections like employment? Nowadays, there are a huge number of telecommuting jobs on Craigslist and it would be great for those interested in working from home to be able to search for those types of jobs all in one place.


Author : Caroline Bright

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