– Consumer Federation of America

ConsumerFed.orgThe Consumer Federation of America is an advocacy, education, research, and service organization that works before Congress, the White House, federal and state regulatory agencies, state legislatures, and the courts to advance pro-consumer policy on various different issues. The CFA staff works with public officials to promote beneficial policies, oppose harmful ones, and ensure a balanced debate on important issues that can affect consumers considerably.

The CFA investigates consumer issues, behavior, and attitudes using polling, surveys, focus groups, and reviews of literary material on specific subjects that can affect the public. The findings are published in reports that help consumer advocates and policymakers as well as the general public. The research done by the CFA also provides the groundwork for new consumer initiatives, public service advertising, and consumer information and education. The CFA makes information available on consumer issues to the public as well as the media, to policymakers and other public interest advocates. In order to disseminate the information, the CFA holds conferences, publishes reports, books, brochures, news releases, a newsletter.