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Consortemedia.comConsortemedia is a marketing company that specializes in providing companies that are interested in securing the online Hispanic audience with ways to make that happen, in two main larger areas, which are brand positioning and direct marketing strategies. The company provides its customers with a long list of top latin and Hispanic sites and blogs in several categories where the customer’s brand, service or product will be marketed to a clearly recognizable audience.


The site is also the portal for site owners or managers to submit their page to be a part of the ad network, which they can do by filling in a short form where they have to detail the site’s traffic, the origin of that traffic and the size of the advertisements they are willing to host, and afterwards the Consorte Media team gets in touch with them to confirm or reject the site as a part of the ad network. All brands can customize their campaigns, and decide where they want to get top exposure.


Author : Steve Dixon

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