KillerStartups – Phipps Conservatory Online

Conservatory.orgWhen Phipps Conservatory was created, back in 1893, its builder, Henry Phipps, wanted to “erect something that will prove a source of instruction as well as pleasure to the people.” Now, over one hundred years after it was built, the conservatory has its own website.

The site I am talking about is What will you be able to find in the site? There is more information about the conservatory history; you will be able to check out an interactive time line and read the story while you take a look at the pictures. Then, in the home page, you will be able to find information regarding the exhibits and events, as well as educative tours. If you are into nature and plants, you will definitely enjoy checking out the Garden page. There you will be amazed at the beautiful pictures of the Japanese Courtyard garden, the aquatic garden, medicinal plants garden, and more. There is still more for you to check out. Visit for more info.

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