KillerStartups – The Daily Herald Online

Columbiadailyherald.comIndividuals who reside in Maury County can stay fully up-to-date thanks to the online incarnation of The Daily Herald. Said publication provides a comprehensive overview not only of the local scene but also of nationwide events.

The site is subdivided into several categories that can be accessed on the left-hand side of the main page. These include “News”, “Sports”, “Lifestyles” and “Religion”. For its part, the section entitled “Opinion” features the commentary and insight of staff members when it comes to current topics of interest. There is likewise a set of entertainment pages that bring forth suggestions for going out along with coverage of cultural events within the city. A message board is also featured, providing members of the community with a space where they can convene, engage in conversation and exchange ideas. Lastly, the site features an “Archive” section that allows readers to browse through the contents of past issues at will.

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