KillerStartups – Colt Automatic Pistols

ColtAutos.comColt pistol collectors have a site that’s just for them. Featuring information on pre World War II Colt Automatic firearms, this site is the right fit for anyone that enjoys collecting or simply likes the power of a Colt weapon.

Avid collectors will be pleased to find both general and specific information on many of the models as well as historical information, identification, serial number, and date of production. Disassembly instructions, parts, diagrams and even original factory instruction sheets are also showcased. If you’re a Colt enthusiast or collector looking to buy a Colt you can browse through the classified ads and perhaps find that special piece you’ve been long looking for. Those looking for a specific item can place a wanted ad and perhaps get lucky and find the special pistol they’ve been longing to own. The site also has a bookstore that offers a wide range of Colt related publications that are sure to interest any Colt enthusiast. There are also many links to other sites where collectors can find historical information or buy Colt accessories and other products.

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