– Specials in your College Bar

CollegeBars.netWhy lie? College is all about training your drinking abilities, and thus this site is more compulsory than your semester’s required reads: a search engine which lists college bars around the nation and lets you know about the daily specials for each of those bars, so whether you are looking for free martinis, karaoke nights or half-price drinks, this is the place to learn all about it. When you visit the site, you have to select which college you go to from a list of selected options, and then you’ll see a list of featured college, plus a Google map where you can find them so you can easily figure out where they are (it may happen that you’ve been studying so much that you actually missed a new bar opening).

If you select the day you are planning to go out, you’ll see what specials are on for your selected date, and even if you don’t find any temping option, you can check out the site’s blog to find a cool assortment of funny pictures and comments, or visit the site’s store to buy a breath-analyzer, to gather some more evidence as to why certain predicaments are not a proper example of ‘I’m well enough to drive’. There is no information as to how you have to submit a bar to get it listed, but judging from the huge ‘Advertise’ signal, it seems that bar owners have to pay to be featured in the site.