search cancel – Exclusive Mint Condition Coins is a social network created exclusively for coin collectors.


Meet other coin collectors from all over the world and show off your collection (possibly making the necessary contacts for it to grow). Coin Network provides members with their own individual page to describe themselves and their collections. Members can upload their own coin photos and videos, discuss coins in forums and blogs, and form groups with other collectors.

There are an estimated 147 million coin collectors in America, and there has not been a predominant social networking platform for this group to meet and interact. Besides being a little quirky, this could actually work. It’s amazing to see such creativity pop un in the most unlikely of places.

If this were to take off, it could put a dent into the social networking landscape, but I’ll place my chips on Facebook. They should consider doing a Facebook add-on, as it will allow for greater exposure.


Author : Liam Gray

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