CMS Grabber 1.4.8D – Bypass Rapidshare Download Limit

With CMS The Grabber 1.4.

8D, you are able to simultaneously download multiple files using proxies. You can even prioritize your downloads with advanced built-in downloader Speed Limiter. Other built-in tools:
# Link Collector (My Link Store)
# Proxy Checker (ESSENTIAL)
# Link Checker (Check your links before downloading!)
# IP Renew option (for those with dynamic IPs)
# Rapidshare explorer (search files on Rapidshare via Google)


Downlaod link is abaliavle on the following link

Why CMS Grabber 1.4.8D It Might Be A Killer

Because it allows you using multiple proxies, you can download multiple files at once with CMS The Grabber. Some Rapidshare downloaders only grab links from Rapidshare.DE but CMS The Grabber can grab links from both domain, .DE and .COM. And you can forward the links to your download manager (see the image above – “Send to Download Manager”). But the best thing is, it is FREE.

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