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The Clarksville-Montgomery school system can be found online at Its aim is a simple one: to provide students and their parents with full information on the 40 schools that comprise the district. Students and their parents can learn all there is to know about classes and scholarships, and about the code of conduct and the attendance policy of any school before enrolling.


Plus, students can see maps with bus routes, and access updated weather reports right on their browsers. And comprehensive information on food services is also included on the site.

For its part, faculty and staff members can access lots of professional development tools. Teachers can check out wikis and blogs, access first aid technology and use a very practical curriculum navigator to plan their classes.

And when it comes to employees, they can read handbooks, access salary schedules and learn about these benefits and discounts that apply to them.

The site also lists all the most recent news for students, parents and educators to read, and a calendar of events is likewise available on the homepage.

And the eight departments of the district can be reached through the site. All kind of curricular, professional and commercial queries can be easily addressed and delivered.

Lastly, if you’re looking for employment then you can check all the available openings within the district on this page. All the forms and requirements for applying to jobs are always clearly listed. And once you’ve sent an application in, then you can track its status and know what your chances are at all times.


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