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ClimateFinder.comCheck this site before deciding where you’ll spend your holidays. lets you know how the weather is in any part of the world, in a way that’s really intuitive. This site lets you look for places that are either “Pleasant and sunny” or “Hot and sunny” in the month of the year of your choice, and you can pick the unit you want to use (both “metric” and “US” are available for you to choose). And it’s also possible to look for places that are “Cold and snowy”. Hey, not everybody is sick and tired of snow. There are countries where it never snows, you know.


In each and every case, the results will be displayed on a Google map. Markers will be used to show you the areas fitting your search criteria 100%. And as with any other Google map, you can switch to a satellite view whenever you want. Whatever lets you understand the data that’s displayed better.

And if you have the time. you’ll be able to carry out an advanced search that lets you combine lots of different climate variables. These include the average minimum and maximum daily temperature throughout the month, the number of days that it hasn’t rained, the rate of humidity and the average wind speed. In Their Own Words

Specify the climate you want and find the places that match.

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The site could really use a crisper redesign, is that ever going to happen? Or is basically going to remain as it is?


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