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Classicmovies.orgIf you are fond of classic movies and you would like to have information about them, take a look at

There you will find interesting data about movie stars, famous directors, and everything related to the “Golden Age of Hollywood”. Their aim is to provide a great source of information mainly of movies filmed on the 30`s, 40`s, and 50`s. Moreover, there is a list of current news and features. Some of them include: a tribute to Gary Cooper, a tribute to Audrey Hepburn, a tribute to Orson Welles, a tribute to Glenn Ford, and many more. At the web site you will see a navigator bar on the left with classic movies forums, net links, feature articles, and movie sounds, among others. In addition, there are some of the most famous movies sounds track, such as: Apocalypse now, Back to the future, The Blues brothers, Casablanca, Citizen Cane, Ghostbusters, the Godfather, Gone with the wind, Office Space, Star Wars, etc.

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