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Clarkprosecutor.orgIf you live in the Clark County, Indiana, and you will like to learn about who the Prosecuting attorney is and how his office works, all you have to do is visit the Clark Prosecutor web page. On this site you will have the possibility of reading all about the office overview.


Some of the general data you will find on this section is about their responsibilities, jurisdiction, the divisions and programs and more. You can also find out who were the formers prosecuting attorneys of the county. Other sections you can read stuff about are: death penalty, domestic violence, Clark County courts and more. Finding all about the victims and witnesses services they offer is as well an opportunity that this site offers. You can also read a biography of the current prosecuting attorney. On this web page you will also have the possibility of finding some more general information about the county and the cities that form it.


Author : Steve Dixon

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