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ChurchWorldService.orgThis online site provides plenty of information related to the Church World Service and the different ways in which they assist communities. It includes a brief description of their mission statement and core values as well as a presentation of their foundation and history.


You will find a list of the programs and services they offer including education and advocacy, emergency response, immigration and refugee between many others. The site has a section that offers useful information for those that are looking forward to make donations to the Church World Service. You can also find updated news related to these topics, where you will find information about the situation in Afghanistan, the Gulf hurricanes, Iraq, The Middle East, Tsunamis and other important and concerning topics. There are plenty of articles and images that discuss these issues. If you want to help humanity and improve the situation of our world, this online site will provide plenty of useful information. Visit this site and find out al about these great services.


Author : Bill Webb

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