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Churchs.comNothing to do with god here: is home for a US chain of restaurants specializing in fast-food chicken with locations in several states throughout the country and overseas.


Visit the site to discover Church Chicken’s full menu noting whenever a meal is vegetarian (it would be nice to see information on other special dietary needs, like Kosher), and also learn about customization options for large orders. The Store Locator will let you check out if there are any Church restaurants in your matching zip code, which seems a bit of a problem, as the whole point of these search features is to be able to find a branch that is close by: it would be a good idea to get the locator to show franchises in the area, and not just in the exact location. Users interested in more corporate issues will find details on employment opportunities and franchise details by visiting as well. There isn’t really many other things to do on the site, as users can’t make their take-away orders on the site, which is a capability other businesses in the same segment are starting to incorporate.


Author : Steve Dixon

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