KillerStartups – Third Party Logistics Services


Robinson Worldwide is a third party logistics provider. The company operates in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Its website can be found at, and it enables the interested party to contract freight services with ease. To these ends, registration must be effected. Once this has been done, the member can start contacting branches who have published loads online, and eventually perform freight services for them. The nature of the freights that are published online varies from post to post, and there are freights that cater for almost every type of truck. On the other hand, members can post their available equipment in order to receive freight requests. In addition to that, those who register benefit from programs that help to improve productivity and manage costs. The website includes a list of featured branches that can be perused online by means of an alphabetical index. A concise search feature is also included, and it can be used to find concrete branches in a practical manner.

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