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Christina’s Home Remedies — Well Proved Healthy Tips

Get help from a medical doctor’s and naturopath’s e-clinic. Find a generous selection of professional advices, effective home remedies, natural health tips and even more.


Are you in trouble? Do you seek help? Are you looking for a selection of great home remedies? Worried about common health problems?
I’d like to help you… My name is Christina, I’m a 42 year-old medical doctor and homeopath. I have been working in my busy private surgery since 1994.
What will I find here?
the best selection of home remedies
useful professional advices
effective natural remedies for your special ailment
well proved healthy tips
detailed description of natural cures
simple and comprehensive language
and personal medical consultation
Mostly, I’ll give more options and therapeutical possibilities for each problem: herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines, aromatherapy, ayurvedic treatment.

Why Christina’s Home Remedies — Well Proved Healthy Tips It Might Be A Killer

I think my site is unique. There is no other website in home remedy field which is written by a medical doctor, a highly respected homeopath, who has such a long experience. My visitors are very satisfied, most of them return frequently.


Author : Bruce Turner

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