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Christian-Thinktank.comIf you are looking for information related to God, Christians and religion, you have reached the right place. This online site provides plenty of information related to religion and intends to answer the common doubts and questions that people tend to have towards these topics.


It includes a brief description of the Christian-ThinkTank, its foundation and main characteristics. You will find plenty of interesting information sorted out into many different categories including series, syllabi and larger studies, information about other religions, philosophical and theological topics and many other related topics. Each one of these categories includes a series of articles with plenty of data and historical facts. The site also includes a section where you can find the frequently asked questions and find further information about these topics. If you are interested in learning about religion you can also download the complete tank to your computer. Visit this online site and learn all about this site and what it offers visitors.


Author : Bill Webb

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