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ChooseToMove.orgChoose To Move is a free physical activity program for women. The same has been developed by the American Heart Association and it has the objective of incorporating more physical activities into their already existing routines, instead of creating new routines that might be hard to implement and put into practice.


The program aims to reduce the risk of heart diseases and related conditions not only by effecting such routines, but also by setting down healthy eating habits and helping members to select nutritious foods. The program itself spans 12 weeks, and upon its conclusion the members will have learnt how implement at least 30 minutes of exercise into their daily routines, as well as having an increased awareness when it comes to healthy food. To these ends, the program’s website includes a series of tools and resources such as a body mass index calculator, an exercise poster and guidelines on how to dress in order to make the best out of an exercise routine. Further resources include a “Recipe of the Month” feature and a set of tips sheets with names such as “Choose to Move at Home”, “Choose to Move at Work”, and “Choose to Move while Traveling”.


Author : Roger Hollings

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