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Chipmedicaid.comHaving your children’s health insurance is a number one priority for most families. Knowing that your children are insured so that if something happens and there is a medical emergency is a peace of mind that money cannot buy. is the official site for the state of Texas on Medicaid information for children. This site contains all the regulatory information on Medicaid matters so that you know what standing your child is in with respect to fees and programs. This site will tell you what the Medicaid covers as well as who qualifies for benefits. And, most importantly, you can find out the actual cost of the programs. If you are nearing the end of your Medicaid coverage, then you can also renew your coverage through the site. Best of all, the site is also available in Spanish and English. is the definitive source on all subjects relating to children’s Medicaid in Texas.


Author : Jason Taylor

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