search cancel – Publicize China, Report The World has started its operations in 1997.


What they do is provide on line news services. Most of the news comes from China but they also have news from around the planet. They publish nearly fifteen thousands of news stories every day. Their objective public is basically Chinese; however, the site is available in more than six languages so that people from the entire world can access to it. They use modern technology, so they have incorporated diverse media resources, like, graphics, videos, audio, etc. Furthermore, there is a blog available for people to leave their comments about politics, sports or whatever they want. At the top of the webpage you will see many sections, such as: facts and figures, live telecast, concepts and honors, foreign language services, and more. If you were looking for science and technology news, you can find it here. There are also links containing culture and education, society, business, and politics, among others.


Author : Bill Webb

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