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You never know when you will need legal advice, because unfortunately you may be sued unexpectedly or you can go all of a sudden through situation that will require legal services. It is a good thing to know some choices although you don’t need them right now. For this you can have in mind

At that URL you will find a lot of information about the Chicago based Rogoff & Betancourt law firm, which specializes in Family issues and Bankruptcy. This company started its activity in 1998, formed by the two professionals which give it their name. Older firms are around, but the freshness of a new firm could be a good thing because all the energy usually associated with new (or quite new) organizations.

They strive to be upfront and honest with their clients all the time, putting him or her in the first place all along the trial or the legal issue which needs to be solved. works with divorce cases in the many possible types, such as uncontested divorces, property divisions, and alimony claims. Child support and Paternity is another of the firm’s areas in which they are specialized.

Being quite delicate issues both of them, because a family which breaks up is always sad, or a bankruptcy situation can cause some kind of depression to anyone who suffers it, good lawyers are a way to make those processes the less traumatic as possible.

At you will see all the details about this prestigious firm, with the experience of the team of lawyers who work there and the areas in where they have offices, which are Des Plains, Chicago and the Greater Chicago Area.

Initial questions about your situation are free, so you can give them a call or write them through their website to ask them for what you need. They promise to advice you with the truth and not giving you false hopes about what you can expect.

So if you are somewhere in Chicago and you need some advice on legal issues, take into account.

into account. In Their Own Words

Personal attention, candid advice, outstanding results. These are just three of the reasons that clients choose the attorneys of Rogoff & Betancourt, P.C. for legal representation.

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