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ChemtrailCentral.comThe term “Chemtrail” refers to the dirty trails that are released by airplanes while airborne, resulting in a particulate aerosol mass that can be seen for miles. If you are concerned by this threat to the environment you might as well join the Chemtrail Central forum and discuss with like-minded individuals on the best course of action to rectify this situation.


The forum can be found on the website, and the site itself is brimming with resources and materials that can be perused online. These include information on the mysterious silver orbs that can often be seen on pictures of chemtrails, as well as a page on the “Flight Explorer” software, an application that provides information about commercial, passenger and private flights. For its part, links to related sites of interest can be found under the “Top Websites” heading, and a FAQ on forum usage is provided as well.


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