search cancel – Search for Jobs in the UK is a job opening database exclusively listing UK openings for jobs in all industry areas which has only been launched this year, so some of the site’s areas are still under construction.


The site works like a job database metasearcher, allowing users to browse listings of job opening by location or kind of job for free, while charging companies that post their openings for doing so. Additionally, the site aggregates not only individual companies’ openings, but results from state and official job boards and job agencies as well, and thus is very convenient, as it will allow users to find what they are looking for by conducting only one search. Under the ‘Review CV’ tag, jobseekers will find a comprehensive link to tips for writing CVs provided by top HR and recruiting firms in the country. In Their Own Words

“Our aim is to give our users a ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to searching for jobs online in the United Kingdom. Using our super fast and easy to use interface, users can search our database saving them the trouble of going to each job site, employment agency or employer individually. The job offerings displayed are not hosted by® and users are always redirected to the original job posting”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because this site allows its users to fully search several databases at the time it can climb up to become one of the top resources for jobseekers in the UK. An interesting perk about the way in which links to job openings are presented is that when clicking into any of them you’ll get redirected to the original place where the opening was posted, like HR or corporate sites, thus ensuring that its customers recruiting strategies’ and corporate image are adequately fulfilled.

Some Questions About

Home-based jobs are one of the HR and recruiting areas that is growing by the minute, but strikingly, the site does not seem to cover them. Is this because is only starting its operations, or because they’ll completely overlook this market niche?


Author : Caroline Bright

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