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CheatIndex.comSay what you will, the fact remains that a bit of gaming savvy is the only way to enjoy your videogames in a whole new level, and strictly speaking, cheating is nothing but savvy. CheatIndex.


com is a gaming community that presents reviews, previews, interviews, screenshots, cheats plus a comprehensive download section where to get some goodies, like wallpapers, demos and a variety of fun user-submitted pictures, videos and some online games as well. So regardless of how diverse your gaming needs are, don’t miss this site: you are bound to find something useful there. is updated very frequently, with cool features and industry news being added all the time on your favorite MMOs and other graphic games. Games on strategy, epic, driving, simulators or sports are supported in Xbox, PC, Nintendo 64, PSP, PS2 and other systems as well (there doesn’t seem to be any PS3 or Wii coverage, though). The site has room for design improvement, but is nonetheless easy to use, plus it presents a large diversity of multimedia content, including videos, stills, screenshots and demos which devoted gamers will surely appreciate a lot. Users can subscribe to receive email newsletters, but surprisingly no RSS subscriptions are available, which is an absolutely must-have feature for any news site these days. I wonder if they are giving the issue some thought…


Author : Steve Dixon

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