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Cheaters.comCheaters is a well-known US reality show which begins when one member of a couple accuses his best half of being unfaithful, and then it shows detectives with hidden cameras exposing the people who are conveniently caught cheating on their partners, girl/boyfriends or spouses. A confrontation of the two members of the couple usually ensues and then the episode is over; the show’s been on since 2000, with the self-appointed mission of “[encouraging] the false-hearted to their renewal of temperance and virtue”.


Other than numerous sentences of this style, site visitors will be able to take a look at clips from past seasons, learn what’s up for the next episodes, find out about the legal definitions of adultery, find a divorce lawyer in your area or get live support from a counselor or a psychic. Also compelling about the site is an offer for software that will allow you to monitor everything that happens in your computer (even passwords and emails), or visit the site’s store to purchase the show’s official merchandise to proudly have your morning coffee in a mug that says ‘Cheaters’. Uplifting, yes.


Author : Steve Dixon

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