search cancel – Video Gaming Auction Site, named after a rare Atari game considered by most game collectors to be the first ‘holy grail’ of video game collecting, was launched on March 24, 2008 to be less expensive auction alternative dedicated to classic and modern video games.


Since then the site has grown to nearly 2,300 members (now averaging 175-200 new members per month), has hosted over 100,000 auctions and has sold over $90,000 in merchandise; making the most successful video gaming dedicated auction site to date has kept the same auction format successfully pioneered by Ebay but has significantly reduced the cost to sell. The site features no listing fee auctions combined with very low selling fees. In addition to this the site has a host of free auction promotional tools such as free seller homepages/storefronts, bulk uploading system, monthly listing contests, etc.

Chuckwagon’s members made possible for the site’s team to have just spun off a new auction site for anything you can imagine. One registration gets members into both sites. Consolidated feedback and registration between the two sites makes it easy to move back and forth and use both simultaneously. There are nearly 400,000 video game auctions running at any one time and you can see the market is big enough for a dedicated auction site. is that auction site.


Author : Liam Gray

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