– United States Coast Guard Academy

Cga.eduThe United States Coast Guard Academy in New London is the smallest of the five U.S.

services academies, and offers the elite higher education, rigorous professional development, and honor and tradition of military academy but with a more personalized approach. It offers and integrated life experience which emphasizes academics, physical fitness, character and leadership, in order to graduate officers of the highest caliber. This website provides information about the Guard, its academics and admissions, its athletics activities, information about the Cadet’s life, campus facilities and locations, careers opportunities, and more. Its Majors include: engineering, government, management, marine and environment sciences, and operation research computer. The Guard also has a Humanities Department, a Mathematics Departments, and Homeland Security Courses. The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is situated on a classic New England college campus with white-columned red brick halls blend with sleek modern architecture, monuments and state-of-the-art technology, and many things more.