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Centrum.comCentrum.com is the official web site of Centrum brand name vitamins and healthcare products where you can find all kinds of information and resources related to their supplements online.

If you just bought a particular Centrum product you can start by browsing the product you have purchased at the product list section, once you locate the product you own or want, you can read further information and details related to it. Some of the featuring products that you may browse are Centrum silver, Centrum performance, Centrum cardio, Centrum kids and regular Centrum supplements, which can be found as liquid, chewable or tablets. There are also other information available regarding health and nutrition such as vitamins and minerals information and resources, wellness advice and information, how to protect yourself the best way, tips on energizing your body for heavy activities, healthy habits and other related stuff. You can sign up to the web site newsletter and receive the latest information on Centrum products and supplements at your email. Centrum.com