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CelebParasite.comI don’t think I can come up with a better way to explain this site than its very own URL, though truth must be acknowledged: there are far worse gossip sites, at least this one does some original comment and cites sources. CelebParasite.


com is a blog-like site which invests time and energy in presenting images of stars of mass media, mainstream and Hollywood entertainment industry, and reproducing the stories which are available in every other gossip site and magazine online or offline, and it briefly comments on quotes, unhappy expressions, events and turmoil happening around Britney, Paris and other influential people, and some of the remarks are quite funny too. But it’s not all about reading stuff, as this site hosts a rather strange section which presents faceless ‘booties’, and inspired readers can try and guess who the lower bits belong too, all seasoned with quite authoritative comment about the structure, tone and size of the portrayed anatomy. If you are particularly keen to find out about any specific celebrity, take a look at the sections focusing on starlets and personalities of entertainment, or use the list of links to your left to find other gossip sites. Unfortunately, the site is plagued by banners, popups, ContentLink and other such stuff.


Author : Steve Dixon

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