KillerStartups – Feline Down Under

au is a very authoritative source of information and guidance on all things feline, from breeding and educating to maintenance and health. The site’s target audience is mainly pet owners, who will be able to find very useful and clear tips and advice on the most diverse yet frequent issues of having cats as pets, like how to clean urine from carpets and sofas, plus a quick guide to getting rid of the smells. Also take a look at the information available on parasites like fleas and worms, anorexia, vomiting, bleeding, bad breath and how to keep your loved pet from having any of these health problems, or how to quickly and safely deal with them. Visitors of the site will also be able to find a directory of breeders indexed by the breed they specialize in, including rare and exotic variations. If you are traveling, consider taking a look at the information available on boarding catteries or the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

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