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CasualGameGuides.comYou don’t need to be a serious gamer, or even a regular gamer at all to find this site interesting, as the whole point is that it is designed to help casual gamers find about new and different games in a variety of styles, like SIM/tycoon, puzzle, word or action. Most of the games are not violent at all, so it’s definitely a good place to search for new stuff for younger audiences, or things you can play at work.

You can read the blog to find to-the-point reviews that will walk you through the most salient features of the game and briefly describe its appeal, and provide links to try them out or download them. Definitely hooked on a game and want to jump a few levels? hosts cheats as well, and you can access them freely, and if you came up with some really good walkthroughs, it can pay off, as you can get coupons to get free games from the site’s affiliates.