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CarZen.comSelf-touted as “the most efficient and powerful car research experience on the web”, CarZen stands as a comprehensive resource that is bound to help you pick the right automobile for you at the right price.

The system works as follows.

First, you have to specify your concrete car needs and wants. Once this information has been provided, a series of vehicles that match these criteria is produced for you to ponder upon. What’s more, the site features an “Ask a friend” section that will enable you to get feedback in real time from friends and family, so that you will make the right car-buying decision.

A car can likewise be looked up via the “Car Pages” section, which will also let you take into account different aspects such as price range, brand and fuel economy.

Further sections that make up this web-based endeavor include a “Car Consult” page that will let you know more about different cars and their inherent characteristics, and a “Car Advice” section which includes materials like secrets from former car dealers and information on alternative fuels. In Their Own Words

“The most simple and personalized car search on the web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for finding what you need when you need it in a hassle-free manner.

Some Questions About

Are there similar sites on the web that cater for other territories and specific countries?