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CardWays.comeCards are okay, but a bit passé, and the truth remains that there’s nothing like the real thing: receiving a card or letter sent to you by someone who remembered your birthday, wanted to say Thank You or just stay in touch has a special mystique which eCards generally don’t generate. CardWays.


com is an eCommerce site which allows users to create their cards online by using a set of templates or creating a completely new design, enter delivery and payment details and then have the recipient get the card. Using the card editor is very simple, and it will allow you to add text, photos, change the background color and other similar features. You can also attach a Gift Certificate to your greeting card from companies like Amazon, Borders, Travelocity, Circuit City, Papa John’s and many more. If you register to the site, you can upload all the special dates and anniversaries which you keep forgetting, and have the system alert when you are due to send a card to your loved ones.


Author : Steve Dixon

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