search cancel A Card Up Your Sleeve A Card Up Your SleeveDo you want to be the life and soul of the party? Then become a magician. Surprise your friends and make them laugh – with card tricks.


Card Trick Central is an awesome site, offering you a variety of amazing card tricks. Choose the trick for the occasion, according to your sleight-of-hand skills. Tricks are divided into categories such as simple tricks for beginners, tricks of a more intermediate to advanced level of difficulty, and tricks that need no preparation at all. In addition, you can view more difficult tricks for the experienced magician. There is also a selection of tricks that involve diverse objects, and tricks that are based on mathematical principles, or others that require memory skills. Instructions are clear, easy-to-follow and precise. All you really have to do is just practice your chosen trick, until you get it right. You’ll also find an interesting section dedicated to the technical language of card tricks. For example, do you know what a double undercut or a Hindu shuffle is? They invite visitors to send in their own tricks, but they must take the form of graphical illustrations or videos. A Card Up Your Sleeve


Author : Mery Fisher

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