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CalorieLab.comAre you asking yourself how many calories you consume every time you eat your meal? is the answer.

Enjoy some of the most interesting calorie information regarding almost any type of food available. Just type the food name in the search box and find everything you need to know about the calories it has. There is also a list of generic foods and restaurants from where you can select to get calories stats. Some of these generic foods are bread, cake, cookies, cream, eggs, milk, meat, beer, bottled water, herbs & spicing, salad, fish fruit and loads more. You can also find articles and tips regarding weight loss diets and how to eat the healthiest way. In addition, at the top you have three sections which are calorie counter, calorie burned where you can find out how many calories you have burned by activity and calorie counter news. delivers everything you need to know about calorie values in food.