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CAL.orgThe Center for Applied Linguistics is dedicated to providing a comprehensive research-based information, tools, and resources related to language and culture. Among the website topics it is included English Language Learners, Foreign Language, Testing/Assessment, Literacy Education, Dialects, and more.


You have a Frequently Asked Questions section in which lots of doubts are answered, and you have the chance to e-mail your personal questions to CAL, which will be answered in no time. The Research section is very important for the site, and it features every finished research on Linguistics that CAL was able to make. You can download the summaries of the researches on PDF format. Along its resources you can find the Foreign Language Assessment Directory. This website is very useful for anyone who is learning or is considering learning a foreign language, with tips on how to do it, learning better, and many more articles on how to enhance your language learning power.


Author : Bill Webb

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