search cancel – Progressive News Clipping is a news site where users will be able to find links to selected headlines from newspapers and other progressive sources of anti-Bush/Cheney information from around the web, plus original content like interviews, analysis and comment.


Interestingly, there is a long list of sources on the bottom of the page, so users can more clearly understand the editorial line of the site. presents its news by date (no topic sections), and in bold underlined lettering, so it’s a bit tiring to read, however it seems that the site works mainly through newsletters and mail alerts, so that can be a way to understand why this design mishap takes place. aims to consolidate democracy by actually allowing people to be more informed (its tagline is “Fight Ignorance: Read BuzzFlash”), so there are numerous links to direct action stuff, like complete texts of laws, how to get in contact with your congressman or how to find your representatives). The service is free to use, but site visitors are encouraged to subscribe to Premium Services, which are paid, but I couldn’t find the rates. The site also features a store, where you can buy progressive books, CDs and other merchandise, like lapel pins or mugs.


Author : Steve Dixon

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