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Buyplumbing.netAs its name suggests, is an online store where plumbing products can be procured.


The contents of the site can be perused in several ways. For instance, a navigation menu is part of the main page, and it lets the customer browse through the available categories. These include “Kitchen”, “Bathroom”, “Faucet”, “Sink” and “Toilet”. Moreover, a category entitled “Parts & Tools” is featured, and items such as cover plates, cartridges and cutters are listed therein. The featured brands are likewise showcased on the right hand side of the main page, effectively enabling the customer to shop by brand. Some of the featured brands include Thermasol, Aquatic Whirlpool and Takagi. On the other hand, customer support is provided by means of a FAQ page and an online contact form. The database of frequently asked questions itself includes an advanced search feature that lets the user specify concrete keywords and select a category in order to find an answer to his query.


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