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BuildersShow.comThe Builder’s Show is a yearly convention which takes place in a different city in the US in each occasion, and which puts together people from the construction business: from material manufacturers and building firms to architects, designers, software publishers and machinery sellers. Since the 2008 edition of the fair has already taken place, the site works mainly as an archive of the events which took place earlier this year, mainly as an image gallery, and also featuring a directory of the exhibitors, full company information and links to sites when one is available, so the site is in a way a continuing business and exhibit platform.


While the fair is mainly a showcase of new technologies and products, it also has an educational outlook, so if you are interested in these topics, you will be happy to know that handouts can be downloaded and tapings of the seminars and conferences can be bought from the site as well. I was very happy to see that lots of information on the upcoming show is accessible at the site, including floorplans, statistic information on attendees profile and even financial information on paying for their exhibit space. Firms which will be showcasing their products and services on the upcoming convention also get a Virtual Booth, namely a page on the site where they can present any images, information and links which are a part of their marketing strategies. Visitors, on the other hand, get access to the Show Planner, an online diary which allows them to schedule what seminars, events and places they want to visit, though it’s still not enabled.


Author : Steve Dixon

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