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Brownvboard.orgBrown v. Board of Education of Topeka focuses in the pursuit of freedom and equality in order for educational facilities across the US is equal, there’s no segregation or racism.

In this site you can find all the information you need to know about Brown v. Board of Education and what they provide. In the Brown Foundation you can read about scholarships, projects, teaching Brown, how to join the foundation and much more. In the Brown Summary section of this site you can read all about the case that’s under the Supreme Court, who’s the legal team, and the local cases as well. In the Exhibit section of this site you can read many different experiences in public schools in the US. This is an online exhibit and you can click in each panel to read the information that contain. In this site you can also take an online tour in which you can move your cursor along the map and click on any Brown site in Topeka.

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