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Brokennewz.comSometimes you need a break from the breaking news. So many sad things happening every day can make you loose your hope that is why a little humor is always necessary.


At you will find lots of satire news and funny news to change your mood for good. On the main page of the web site there is a navigator bar containing diverse links, such as: interviews, world in pictures, movie reviews, White House cards, famous quotes, political cartoons, celebrity personals, Gulf War solitaire, Walmart story, celebrity toupees, letter to Bush, etc. Furthermore, there are different sections for United States news, World news, political, technology, sports, entertainment, etc. At the technology section, for instance, there are articles, like: “scentist identify dance gene in women”, “pluto no longer a planet”, “Osama bin Laden releases latest message on myspace page”, etc. Take a break from work and bad news and laugh out loud with this site.


Author : Bill Webb

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