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BrighterBlooms.comYou certainly don’t need to be a tree hugger to embrace this site: as long as you like gardens and flowers, you will love it dearly. BrighterBlooms.


com belongs to the eCommerce category, and sells a huge variety of grass, groundcovers and perennials flowers, herbs, flowering and fruiting shrubs and trees (no seeds). They seem to specialize in roses of all colors and varieties, and have a truly ample selection of them, which will surely please even the most demanding gardeners. carries a simple chart which will allow users to understand in which zones plants grow, and check if the plant is suitable for their environments. I was expecting the site to carry on of those Garden wizards, a more complete version of this map, which gives advices to site visitors on what plants they should keep depending on climate, animal problems, existing plants and color preference; users usually input this data by filling a form not unlike a standard survey which then produces a results page with all the information on the plants that might fit any gardener’s needs and likes, plus the links to buy them; unfortunately, no such functionality is available from the site for the time being.


Author : Steve Dixon

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