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BridesClub.comThere is a slight problem with the whole ‘best friends’ concept, namely the fact that your best friend will, at some point in her life, choose to get married and you’ll gave to be the bridesmaid to your clueless and anxious buddy. At this point it’s clear you won’t walk out on her, but you can make things easier for yourself, and let her know about this site, where she’ll find pictures, stories, comment, recommended providers and even a calendar of nationwide bridal shows, in pink layout, of course. is designed to aggregate all the information on how to make sure that perfect day is just perfect, as you can read the site’s blog to discover tips, pieces of advice and other stuff you should take into account when choosing the right cake, illumination or honeymoon destination. By registering to the site, you can download a 50-page Wedding Planner in PDF format (2 MB) to print and carry around to help you make sure all the details are taken care of, or to easily delegate on others some of the work. By becoming a registered user, brides can use some of the discounts and coupons of offer, or purchase tickets for upcoming bridal showers and events.