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Brent-krueger.comIf you are into numismatics and are looking to buy some supplies to keep and expand your collection, take a look at, an eCommerce site specializing in coin folders, albums and other accessories for storing coin collections, plus videos, books, software, cleaning products and some coins as well.

Though the site could definitely use some redesigning, it works nicely and stuff is easy to find; however, I was quite negatively shocked not to find any images on the coins on offer; it would seem only sensible to get galleries for the site, especially when dealing with objects which are so small, so alike and so expensive. A very good bit of the site is the ‘How to clinics’, where users will find detailed information on how to use cleaners, and tips to keep their collection in order and readily classified. Also interesting for collectors will be the links area, where a rather lengthy selection of numismatic sites is presented.